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Welcome to Duo Public Relations

About Duo PR

When it comes to communications, Duo Public Relations is your right hand man. Cher to your Sonny. Robin to your Batman. A boutique agency specializing in lifestyle and consumer public relations, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs, then develop and execute smart plans that intrigue influencers, open doors and impact bottom lines.
Our approach is to blend traditional public relations tactics and contemporary communication avenues, including social media and experiential marketing, in order to connect in meaningful ways with audiences who matter.


3609 1st Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107





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Rebecca Mosley




The Duo PR Perspective

The Duo Difference

Whether you need to launch a new product or service, open a store or restaurant, generate web traffic, increase sales, organize an event, drive ticket sales, write website copy, draft a marketing presentation or simply raise consumer awareness, we’re here to help.

Effective PR isn’t just about coverage – it’s about generating awareness about your company with the right audiences at the right time. When it does come to media coverage, PR should deliver coverage where it counts: in smart, influential magazines, newspapers, broadcast shows and online outlets. We deliver the PR results you want because we take the time to listen to what you need. We believe every company has a story – a unique product, service or way of doing business that is truly and wholly theirs. It is our job to make sure that story isn’t lost; we take the right story – your story – to the right audiences to produce PR results that stand out from the crowd.


At Duo we have a secret sauce, a full range of diverse capabilities that make our programs tick. We offer:

  • Smart, strategic PR counsel that may be done over pasta, but never with pasta - we don’t just throw it against a wall to see what sticks; we research, recommend and secure results.
  • Effective campaign planning and execution that aims to capture an unfair share of media attention for you and your company.
  • Defining and/or refining brand and key messages that define who you are and where you want to be - and if you don’t know, we’re here to help you figure it out.
  • Punchy, creative press materials that help you stand out from the crowd. Despite what your mother told you, some books are still judged by their covers.
  • An intelligent, passionate and sometimes quirky team that is dedicated to leveraging our media relationships, stretching our creative minds and doing (almost) whatever it takes to give you much more than 15 minutes of fame.

  • Brand/Key Message Development
  • Product/Location Launches
  • Media Relations
  • Press Materials & Media Kits
  • Viral/Social Media Campaigns
  • Broadcast Media Tours
  • Media Training
  • Local & National Consumer Campaigns
  • Press Tours
  • Product Review Programs
  • Trade Shows
  • Speakers & Awards Bureaus
  • Marketing Material Support
  • Event Planning
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Grassroots Networking
  • Cross Marketing